Supporting Our Sisters International is dedicated to increasing breast cancer awareness, improving continuum care and services.

Our support group meetings will be the 3rd Saturday of each  month.
We will meet on April 21, 2018

Time: 1- 3PM
Kaiser Permanente
Mercantile Lane, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774

We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from
members and volunteers.

Dear SOSI Team,
Thank you all for coming and joining us here today. We are pleased to be able to welcome those of you that have been with us for some time now as well as those of you who are new to our SOSI group. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who so generously help us make our monthly meetings come together smoothly... We need you as much as you need us.

National Volunteer Month: Celebrating the “New” Volunteerism

I’m willing to bet that while many people know that February is Black History Month and March is Women’s History Month, not many people know that April is National Volunteer Month. I, for one, think that’s too bad. While undoubtedly, the time we spend reflecting in February and March is of crucial importance, it is equally important that we honor the people who dedicate themselves to taking action and solving problems in our communities.
One of the greatest aspects of volunteerism is that there are so many different ways to do it, and sometimes, we volunteer without even making conscious recognition of it — for example, helping out at church or coaching your child in soccer. Sometimes we can only fit in one day and we serve food at the local soup kitchen or clean up the local park.
These acts all deserve to be applauded, and as the leader of an education organization that cannot do its work without them, I say thank you to every one of those 64 million people who are giving back to their community in their own way.
National Volunteer Month also provides a great opportunity to reflect on how much volunteerism has changed since President Nixon created the first National Volunteer Week in 1974.
Since 1989, the number of people who volunteer has increased by 60 percent. Older Americans from the Baby Boom generation are 40 percent more likely to volunteer than the same age groups were in 1989. Not only has the amount of volunteerism increased, but the impact of volunteerism is increasing as well. As corporations encourage their employees to engage in meaningful volunteer activities, long-term, skills-based volunteerism is becoming more popular.
According to Deloitte, nearly two-thirds of Generation Y employees would like to use their business skills in their volunteer efforts. That’s why Deloitte itself calls skills-based volunteerism the “heart” of their community involvement efforts. And they are not alone. By attending a conference on volunteerism or even conducting a quick surf on the net, you’ll see that corporations across the country are recognizing the power of providing their employees with opportunities to do what they love and do well in a volunteer capacity.


We are all in this together – and we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission.

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Supporting Our Sisters International®

History & Mission

Supporting Our Sisters International (SOSI) founded by Madeline “MAD” Long-Gill, a survivorship organization was created to improve continuum care among African American and Hispanic breast cancer survivors. The goal of the organization is to help reduce breast cancer mortality for African Americans and Hispanics by focusing on health education for survivors.


Madeline established SOSI after many years of direct services as a training instructor for public assistance recipients, a homicide minister, domestic & sexual violence advocate, and a volunteer of 12 years with the St. Louis affiliate of Susan G. Komen Foundation. She served as President of Sisters Network Prince George’s County, an affiliate of Sisters Network Inc. These coupled experiences helped her understand the importance of health equity for all breast cancer survivors. Under her leadership, the awesome executive team of Sisters Network Prince George’s County reached over 10,000 people in less than 2 years through community health programs, workshops and medical screening participation. 


SOSI was created to support sisters worldwide with a message of health, hope, healing and quality care. Although the color pink represents breast cancer, SOSI has chosen to add a hint of green to denote living green aimed at helping women live healthier lifestyles to reduce their risk or recurrence of breast cancer.


SOSI has joined forces with survivors, family, friends, healthcare providers, researchers, community stakeholders, faith-based communities, and national organizations to create informative change within the breast cancer movement. SOSI believes we must support one another if we are to be the change. It will take all hands on deck to prevent and save lives!


Our mission: Through our exceptional attention to service, we are dedicated to saving lives by going beyond breast cancer awareness to empower, educate and inspire women around the world. We are committed to improving continuum care and services for the minority and under-served the community.

SOSI Timeline


1995    Madeline’s mother-in-law Carolyn L. Gill passed away from complications related to breast cancer


1999 – 2012   Madeline Long-Gill volunteered with Susan G. Komen Foundation


2011    Madeline L. Gill, Josephine Long (mom), Mary Gabourel             (aunt) were diagnosed with breast cancer


2013    Opened chapter of Sisters Network Prince George’s County


2013 – 2014   Reached 10,030 people in Maryland, DC and Virginia area


2015    The creation of Supporting Our Sisters International to reach women nationally with a survivor-ship message of hope

Supporting Our Sisters International

P.O. Box 1341
Landover, Maryland 20785
Phone: 301-494-7315