Like most things in life, if we go to what God has provided, we will prevail. This DVD should be seen by every person diagnosed with cancer. Perhaps everyone before they get cancer! We are what we eat. There is hope. What is happening to all the billions of dollars put into cancer research? Surely they would have found a cure by now. Why don't they? Well, it's simple, the billions of dollars made on the cancer treatment now available and the billions they raise. Wake up people. Follow those brave doctors and nutritionists who have the answer. This is an amazing DVD.

-Linda 1956

Hello to everyone,
I am waiting for the pathologist report to come in a week or two. Nine days ago I had a 3.7cm mass taken out. Since then I have been every day researching BC and have found a complete full spectrum of opinions. I have come to the conclusion that I should do all that I can to bring my body in alignment. a Traumatic event happened to me six years ago that paralyzed me in depression. I know that I through bad diet, thoughts and isolation, I caused my body to become very acidic with a very poor immune system and deficient of proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I then freaked out realizing that we all have cancer cells and all types of toxins in our body. Two years ago I broke out of my depression, took a hold of my life, and finished a long cycle of grieving. I started the treadmill and kayle. I stopped playing the victim and lost 65 pounds. Brought my ph balance up. Eating a very healthy balanced diet. All along I ignored blood in my urine for 5 years. Now I want to live and love again. My thought are healthy, my body is muscular and lean. My lifestyle is very responsible and healthy. So now I decided to check my blood with a new outlook on life. I wish I did this 5 years ago. i am learning about cancer. It craves sugar and has more iron in it than normal cells. It hates hydrogen peroxide, oxygen. There is a Trojan horse called artemisinin when used with travertine. And so on. It seems to me that a body out of alignment cannot combat the unfair assault of the stuff that promotes cancer and the stuff we are responsible for. Please tell me what you guys think. And what you think of the documentary on YouTube called "Cancer is curable now". Remember my focus is doing my part.
-Troy 1966